Corporate Law


We take care of all aspects of incorporating your new Company including making sure the name you choose is not already reserved or taken, preparing the Articles of Incorporation, Minutes of the Meetings of Shareholders and Directors, and the Share Certificates. We do the complete Corporate Minute Book to hold all Corporate Records. You also have the option of incorporating a numbered company.  A numbered company can be changed to a named company at any time, as long as the name you choose does not conflict with an existing company.

Sale and Purchase of Assets Agreements

If your company is selling specific assets used in the operation of an existing business, an Asset Sale Agreement needs to be properly drafted.  In this situation the corporation is only selling its assets, not the corporation itself.

Corporate Annual Returns

Each year the Corporate Registry of the Province of Alberta requires that each Corporation file a Corporate Annual return setting all the shareholders of the Corporation. We prepare and file the Annual Return for your corporation. Each year a Corporation is required to have a meeting of the Shareholders and Directors. We prepare the minutes of those meetings to insert into your Corporate Minute Book.

Shareholders Agreements

Unanimous Shareholders Agreements are written Agreements among all of the shareholders of a Corporation which can set out the responsibilities each shareholder has in the Corporation, compensation, how a sale of shareholders shares would take place, and what would happen upon the death of a shareholder.

Sale and Purchase of Shares Agreements

Our office will prepare a proper Agreement if you are selling all or part of the shares in a Corporation to a third party. By selling all of the shares of a Corporation you are effectively selling the business.